Day 1: So Pink

IMG_20160822_163128IMG_20160822_163222IMG_20160822_163542On August 5-7, 2016 I attended the Remain Loyal to Jehovah Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. During these 3 days, attended consecutively throughout the Summer by JW’s worldwide, I was able to receive encouraging and upbuilding instruction from the Bible. On Friday I listened to some great talks, watched some great videos, and learned about how Jesus Christ set a perfect example for us today to follow as God’s “loyal one”.

My outfit for Friday, as most of my outfits have been this summer, was feminine and flowy. This heat has been unreal and light fabrics are a must ’til Fall. This dress was a last minute pick from Justfab and to cute to pass up. Once it came in I knew that I had to pair these Justfab heels with it. The earrings are from for just $9.99!

Dress & Shoes: Justfab; Earrings: H&M; Purse: TjMaxx

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