Sunday Funday

With spring flowers making an early entrance but cold weather continuing, I’m looking forward to warmer days coming and staying. So in an attempt to bring Spring in early, I wore this bright floral sweater from Forever 21. I paired my sweater with a white Loft collar shirt, black and white striped skirt, and black ankle boots from Sears. Due to my original photographer (my 14 y.o. son) being gone, I had to use a stand-in (my 8 y.o. son) and he wasn’t in the mood for taking hundreds of pics (lol), so this is the best of the bunch. Enjoy!

‘Til next time….Stay chic Dolls!


DIY FRIDAY: Dollar Store Decor


Besides Target, Dollar Tree is the only other retailer than can consistently get me every time. No matter how precise my shopping list is, I’m always sucked into buying more. So on this particular visit, I ended up with an entire basket of framed art and narrowed it down to these 5 pieces. I was recently inspired to decorate our half bath a nautical theme and these pics fit the bill perfectly. Upon finally making it to the register to checkout, I thought about the nautical rope that I’d seen and had to go back and get it. I decided in that moment that I was going to to decorate the frames with the rope. I used my hot glue gun that I already had and in no time I created this awesome look for the frames.

‘Til next time…Stay Crafty Dolls!